Our farm is located in Southern Oregon just outside of the mountain town of Ashland. Surrounded by rolling hills, pastures and mountains, we are in a truly beautiful place! We cultivate several acres in the soil as well as in greenhouses illuminated primarily by the sun.

Our team consists of dynamic, creative, experienced and hard-working individuals who share a passion for agronomy, environmental regeneration, sustainability, and health. Our backgrounds range from grass roots Cannabis cultivation, medicine, technology,  teaching, and business. We believe in the ideals of permaculture, biodynamics, living soil, and re-mineralization. We incorporate biologically rich amendments, minerals, and cover cropping to enrich our soils, and understand that healthy soil supports healthy plants.

Our abundant sunshine, famous soil terroir, and ideal climate allow for the fullest expression of terpenes and elevated oil content flowers bursting with diverse and delicious flavors.

Our managing partners have decades of experience in the Cannabis industry. We are knowledgeable in many areas including: soil science, field and greenhouse design, amending and feeding programs, irrigation, harvest, drying spaces and techniques, biomass, flower, and seed processing, sales, contracts, as well as extraction, concentrates and isolates. We are available to our customers for consulting by appointment.

We named our company Cascade Collective because we see the importance of working together with other farmers in this rapidly growing industry. We strive to be an organization embodying this and it was the model we undertook when our partners joined together in 2016. We believe that the small family farms will benefit by collaboration and that resiliency and strength in numbers will go a long way to our collective long term success.