Open Source S.O.P for Gender ID in Hemp field production

  • Supplies: Different color flags, back pack sprayer or hand pump sprayer full of water, contractor bags, pocket scope if available.
  • Depending on cultivar and start of flowering around 6-8 weeks maturity
  • Train scouts on basic cannabis botany.
  • Start at one end of the field. Walk each row and look closely at the internodes of each plant individually to identify the gender by looking at the pre flowers ( aka premordia)
  • Place flag at the base of any plant that has not show gender or is suspicious. (Use a different set of color flags to identify any plant or section of field that may have pest issues so it can be spot treated.)
  • Upon identification of male inspect to see if flowers have opened and are releasing pollen or will release upon disrupting the plant. If the plant is about to release pollen or has already begun spray the plant thoroughly with water before touching the plant, moisture will kill the pollen viability. Leave culled plants in bags until they start to decompose then transfer to compost. ( Back pack sprayers recommended for wetting plants down.)
  • Once plant has been wet down, remove the plant from the ground and place it in a bag (do not throw plants down in the field, these plants are incredibly resilient and can easily reroot!!!)
  • Place flag at the end of each completed row, until the whole field or section is complete. Then start over at the beginning of the field until all plants have shown gender. It is recommended to continue walking well into flower to check overall health, hermaphroditism or issues with irrigation, pests etc…